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Drawing on a variety of class materials from Week 1 in the course (and documenting them appropriately), address the following in a focused manner (4-5 paragraphs).

According to Gordon Stewart, the roots of the Revolution may have been conservative, but American political culture and society radicalized in the course of fighting the Revolutionary War. Analyze the Four Petitions Against Slavery in light of the key changes taking place in this new American society.

Your answers will be evaluated based on responsiveness, mastery of course materials, appropriate citation, thoughtfulness, and clarity.

Incorporate at least five sources into your response, in addition to the Slave Petitions (Choose from Week 1 videos/audio, primary documents,

Note: You are not being asked to summarize the sources here. You should construct a thesis statement and use evidence from these sources to back it up. Select your sources wisely. Document them appropriately.