In your group, take some time to brainstorm ideas for a program. What could you make that could be… COOL? FUN? USEFUL? There are limitless ideas for your program. Will you make a GAME? SIMULATION? DATA MANAGER? CALCULATIVE TOOL? EDUCATIONAL TOOL? SURVEY? 2. Your program should demonstrate what we have learned in class this semester. a. Your program must contain at least one useful implementation of each of the following: i. Loops ii. Classes (other than your driver/main class) iii. Arrays iv. Methods v. Exception Handling (try/catch) vi. Reading and/or writing to a file 3. Your program should not be google-able. The goal is to think of something new or take something old and make it better. For example, hangman is really fun and could meet requirements, but many Java solutions already exist for this game. 4. You may use old code, but you must alter it in a new and interesting way. Part 2: Write pseudocode 5. Take time to design your program. A good design will make the coding much simpler. a. What class(es) will you have? What are the instance variables? Constructors? Methods? b. Design your menu. What options will the user have? c. What will the flow of your program be? What comes first, next, etc.? d. What methods could you use? A good method should have a very clear purpose! What will the method accomplish? What is the input and output? e. How will you use a text file? What information should be stored? 6. You will submit pseudocode for this program in 15.2 Discussion. Part 3: Implement! 7. Start to implement your program. Work in chunks, ensuring that each part works before moving on to the next part. For example, I might start with the user menu first and make sure each choice works. Then perhaps, implement your new class and test it to see if it works. Etc. 8. If you use any existing code, make sure to cite it!

Last note: I have unfinished codes, but unfortunately I cannot be able to browse to the website. Is there any way you can guide me through? Thank you so much in advance.