Include any raw data you will be using and ideas of how you will lay out the information to turn it into a meaningful workbook that can be used for analysis.

The workbook structure should have an organized layout to outline what you hope to accomplish.

In class, I provided several examples of a “Data Set.” Examples include performance data from Soccer, Baseball, Football, Hockey, Home BudgetsExpenses, New Cars and descriptions, features. One example from Football might be, “passing yards, rushing yards, pass completion percentage from NFL Football. This data might be related to total team salaries, etc. Examples of data use in the sports world are plentiful and readily available.. Businesses often collect data that tracks customer service phone call statistics. Measurements might include how fast their customer service reps answer the phone and how long they spend collecting information from customers who call. Other business examples include auto dealerships that award bonuses to sales employees if revenues exceed a particular “goal” or exceed last month or last quarter revenues. One student found United States Agricultural Data that featured Milk Production on a state-by-state basis , made five or six charts – little paragraphs of explanation – it was interesting! These all make interesting business discussions and presentations!

One other data example from the sport of Hockey may present as, “shots on goal” and other scoring percentagesperformance statistics, a similar example may be presented from the sport of Soccer. A student budget with lodging expenses, tuition and loans, commuting expenses, and other factors may make up a ‘data set.”

For the first draft:

1) the student is to present an outline of the data set (SHOW ME YOUR DATA) and

2) Indicate the possible direction of how this “Microsoft Excel Study” will unfold. Write a PARAGRAPH OR MORE – tell me what it will look like or tell me how you will go about “working with/cleansing the data”)

The Final completed project will utilize Microsoft Excel to present the data in tables,charts, pivot tables, pivot charts, graphs of the student’s choice that make the facts and figures understandable to a student audience. Student is to include caption paragraphs andor explanatory detail as to what the chart, Graph, Pivot is indicating (TELL ME WHAT I AM SEEING) , what trend is present? What does the graph show? Students are encouraged to be wordy, no explanation is too long!

Final Project Data Step 1 SHOW INSTRUCTOR THE DATA

Pick a topic that you would like to research and find out more information by analyzing a specific data set in that area.

Begin preliminary research to see if you can find data that you have access to and would be able to work with in Excel.

Show Instructor the Data

Write a paragraph or two on how you plan to “cleanse” and display the data