Assignment Guidelines:

For this paper you will choose following topic and explore the inter-feminist debates, that is, arguments from feminist perspectives. You will then expand on the two sides of one of the topics using two course readings and find two outside sources to support the main points of your paper. You will first explore both sides of the argument using sources to back up your claims, followed by a brief statement/concluding paragraph about the side of the argument on which you personally land and why. You must also include an introduction paragraph that more broadly situates this debate. This paper is not primarily an opinion piece. Instead, we are challenging you to point out differences and recognize distinctions between feminist arguments on a particular issue.

Wearing Makeup: Liberating or Oppressive?

A works cited page is required but does not count towards your overall page count. You must cite in MLA, including in text and on your works cited page. You must also use a cover page, which is not included with your page count, that includes your name, the date, the title of your paper, and class period.

-Thoroughly and thoughtfully explore both sides of the feminist argument for your chosen topic

-Articulate where you land on the argument based on the research you have done (

Support your paper with at least two assigned course readings, at least one scholarly outside source, and at least one popular outside source (at least 4 sources total). You must cite both on a works cited page at the end of your paper and within the body of the paper (in-text citations).