General Instructions

Final Exam will be made available in the Assignment folder on May 17th at 12 AM thru May 18th 11pm

Please read the following instructions carefully before attempting the Final Exam

Scope: Chapters 8 thru 13 (exclude Ch12)

  • There are 10 Multiple choice (10 points) and 5 Problems (10*5=50 points) for a total of 60 points
  • Submission: There are multiple ways to Submit the Exam, the options are listed below:
    • Due date for this exam is MAY 18th by 11 PM (No exceptions)
    • Print this document – Hand-write answers , scan and attach as 1 PDF-Document. Show formulas and steps clearly.. Can add excel at end to support answers… (preferred method)…
    • Answer all questions in an EXCEL workbook. Please use one tab per problem. Clearly mark parts a, b, c etc for each answer…Show Formulas and steps clearly
    • You can also use a combination of Word, Hand-written and Excel, but must combine as 1 PDF document for submission
    • There is no TIME-limit on this exam (not a Timed-Test). You have almost 2-days to complete this exam
    • Please do not take or give help on this test
    • NO CELL-PHONE Pictures Acceptable