complete the following assignment (2000 words maximum, +/- 10%):

A small UK manufacturing company is considering moving its production to a location in Germany in 2019.Critically evaluate what particular aspects of Germany’s business environment it must take into account when assessing the decision to internationalise or not? Use example(s) to illustrate your answer. The company you choose must be a small UK manufacturing comany ( empolyees between 20-250).

please follow the layout below:

  • Intro(100 words) – all relevant critical aspects (e.g. 4 aspects)
  • Aspect 1(450 words): explain, justify, analyse its impact i.e. will it assist them or stop them, highlight any potential changes, trends or risks
  • Aspect 2(450 words)…..
  • Aspect 3….
  • Aspect 4…
  • Conclusion (150 words)
  • Reference List
  • Appendices (Brief Company profile, Country Profile of Germany etc.)

* you can choose aspects from different model. For example, you can choose 2 aspects from PESTLE model, and 2 aspects from SWOT model. I would like to suggest 4 aspects

  • use a Title, Contents and Subheadings to structure work