employment law 17

General Instructions:

You each will need to submit a video that focuses on the employment practices of two different companies.

Regarding the video submission, you will need to first briefly present two companies and its business. Second, examine each company’s treatment of various legal issues or how it has handled various legal issues. These can include responses to litigation, negative publicity arising from employment law violations, preventative practices, and innovative strategies that improve a firm’s characteristics or strategic goals. Finally, explain how the company’s treatment of the issue establishes a source of operational (in)effectiveness, competitive (dis)advantage, or (un)sustainable competitive (dis)advantage.

Additional Specific Instructions:

Company 1:

You should focus on the specific employment practices of Company 1. The focus can be on a positive management tool used in the area of human resources, a response to a company crisis, the handling of contentious litigation or discrimination, privacy, etc. or a combination of tools. Consider the company’s handling of employment law issues either at one time or over time.

Company 2:

Find a company that complies with employment laws in a creative and/or value-capturing ways. Display and show how it complies with the laws that make them stand out from others that are unique to them. Give some background and elaborate on the company’s creativity.

NOTE: The crux of your video will be the application of laws, strategies and your assessment of the company or law’s influence on operational effectiveness, competitive advantage, or sustainable competitive advantage. This video should not be a mere a summary of the law, a summary of a business, or summary of a problem. The applications, solutions, quality examples and implications of your research will be important to the assessment of your grade. The WKU Libraries has an extensive catalog of print and online publications at your disposal to meet all your research needs. Make sure your work is clear, concise and substantive in nature.

Incorporating appendices, power points, charts, or other supporting materials are required. At a minimum, one (1) should be submitted as it will strengthen your overall presentation. There is no maximum of supporting materials that can be submitted…simply be reasonable.

Make sure you cite any references (minimum of three (3) required) you use during your research and anything that is turned with your Final Project.