elements of physical geography food webs

ike members of natural communities in ecosystems, humans are part of complex food webs. In this exercise, provide a list of food resources you normally rely on. Think of the top 5 food ingredients of your diet during the past week and complete the table below. In the column for Trophic-level role, position each of these ingredients in a food chain or web, thinking of their specific trophic levels. Possible trophic levels, as explained in class, are: (1) producers, (2) primary consumer, (3) secondary consumer, (4) tertiary consumer, (5) higher-level consumers, and (6) detritivore or decomposer.

In the column for Origin, mention where this food comes from, if you know it; if not, include your best guess. In the column for Lower trophic-level resource, mention the main food/energy necessary for the growth of this particular organism. For producers, the lower trophic level resource will be solar energy. For consumers, it will be the main food/organism they consume. In the column for Alternative resources, include foods you could eat instead of the mentioned resource, considering foods that you deem equivalent in nutritional value. Also, complete the column for Your trophic-level role when consuming this food, and then answer the three questions on the next page. Submit the answers to D2L’s Assignment’s folder.