What is the most pressing problem facing your region?

Each blog group will create a pecha kucha (http://www.brainshark.com/Ideas-Blog/2015/April/20-slides-20-seconds.aspx ) this is a style of presentation that uses 20 slides, timed to rotate in 20 second increments.

You need to decide what information to use that highlights the most pressing problem and its impact on the future of the region.

This means that each group has about 7 minutes! Set up your slide show at 20 second increments and practice your commentaries for each slide.

See examples from the 20/20 RagTag events, in particular Scott’s talk on thrift store art – you can see the art work at his ice cream store in town, Sparky’s. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SK7Z6V_JnJ0&index=1&list=PL245E382A040F807B

Slides should not have text (pictures, graphs, headlines) and you need to speak freely but can use notes with bullet points.

Your grade is based on the following points.

  • a well organized presentation (precise diction; adhering to time limit; engaging visuals)
  • meaningful content that gives the audience an insight into your country and region; references to class readings and topics
  • raise questions