drafting the part i model framework for the dissertation

2–3 pages, not including title and reference pages

Based on the knowledge that you gained about the Dissertation elements in Unit 1 and the work you did at Symposium, write a paper that describes your initial thoughts and ideas for your dissertation research before you came to symposium and the changes you have made in those ideas and why you made the changes.

1. My first topic before going to the symposium was Health care in Prisons

2. After the symposium and finding out that my topic was an ocean (to broad of a topic) rather than a drop, I changed it to Ineffective Pain Management

Your paper should include the following:

  • State your original research ideas related to topic(s), and the “trio” of problem, purpose, and research question.
  • What changes have you made to these elements of The Model Framework for the Dissertation since attending Symposium (recall “ocean, puddle, and drop”)?
  • What are the reasons that you made the changes to these elements now that you have worked on them at Symposium?
  • If you had ideas or developed ideas about your hypothesis statement and/or research methodology, include this in your paper.
  • Describe what you refined as your topic, purpose, problem, question, conceptual framework, and methods.