discussion post 538

Part 1 is due 5/22 discussion Post (Minimum of 250 words)

1) Can nonhumans use language? One of the basic characteristics of humans is the ability to use language. Present an argument that is either for or against the notion that nonhumans use language. Remember, you must cite empirical research to support your assertions.
2) What is the nature of intelligence? This week let’s start by doing the following: 1) propose a definition of intelligence to share with the class and 2) elaborate this definition with examples as needed. You also need to consider how you would measure intelligence. Also, is it a general factor, or are there multiple factors here?

once part 1 is submitted i will extend the assignment for the amount of days pending from 5/25

The Peer Review will be submitted once I receive the post and it will be due no later than 5/25