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“How does a firm overcome the service recovery paradox?”

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The service recovery paradox is when a business takes responsibility for the service failure and does everything in its power to make that customer happy again. Normally, when this happens a customer thinks more highly of the business, than if the failure never happened. Companies are best evaluated in times of crisis and if handled properly, this can improve overall customer satisfaction. The key is for a company to turn failure into an opportunity. If the crisis is handled swiftly and the company does everything they can to show trustworthiness and that they are prepared and organized to handle issues, then the customer will evaluate the company favorably and the relationship between them is deepened. A company should encourage customers to speak about how they feel about the service so they can correct any issues. The key is to give them the right mechanism to do so and make sure it’s in good timing as well.


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Post 2:

The service recovery paradox refers to the customers satisfaction being elevated after an issue was resolved very well. The firm then may have to battle trying to maintain elevated customers satisfaction or have all satisfaction lost if another service failure occurs. I think professional communication is the best way to overcome this paradox. Joe Sejean says, “Mistakes are disguised opportunities to create a connection with your customers” (Sejean, 2018). While I agree that through communicating thoroughly with a customer after a service failure and before or during its recovery is the action that should be taken to provide the best service. I think the perceived attitude of mistakes being good is a little hard to get on board with. I’ve had some wonderful support interaction with Amazon that solved my problem and left me feeling very positively. However, other interactions have felt rushed and disregarded. I think Amazon and many firms could go a long way to avoid the service recovery paradox by training consistency with its frontline employees.

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