designing technical instructions

One of the most important tasks a technical writer will face is the task of writing a clear set of instructions. Instructions are step-by-step explanations: how to build, operate or repair something, or how to complete a procedure. According to our text, instructions come in three categories:

· General Instructions describing how to assemble something or use something—a toy, a swing set, a book shelf, a DVR, etc.

· Specifications are used by engineers, technicians, and architects to describe in great detail how something is built or designed or how a routine process is completed—a building, a bridge, a computer, etc.

Procedures/Protocols ensure consistency and quality in the workplace—in hospitals, on job sites, in the laboratory, safety instructions, etc.To create a set of technical instructions that are no more than three (3) and no less than two (2) pages of technical instructions in MS Word describing either of the following:

1. a set of operating instructions

2. a set of assembly instructions

3. a set of procedural instructions