I just need 1 page . Please follow directions

For each reading assigned for class, choose at least one sentence, quote, and/or idea that resonates with you and write briefly about it. This ″writing briefly″ could involve, for example, explaining why an idea resonates with you, how this connects to something that you are already familiar with or that has crossed your mind before, and/or what about the reading is confusing or troublesome. These are not the only ideas for writing briefly about daily readings — just a few to get you started. Also: Instead of adding blank lines between responses to different readings, use paragraph breaks or a bulleted list.

Specific assignments to write about in DW1 (so all four of these)

The TWO chapters from the Meeting 1 PDF, i.e.:

a. ″Writing About Writing: A History″ by Bird et al. AND

b. ″Threshold Concepts as a Foundation for ′Writing About Writing′ Pedagogies″ by Wardle and Adler-Kassner (in Meeting 1 PDF)

″Preface″ to Naming What We Know, Classroom Edition (the preface in the other edition is different, so be sure to reference the Meeting 2 PDF to access this short chapter)

Introduction: Coming to Terms″ (Yancey) in Naming What We Know.

daily pieces should fill at least a full typed, double-spaced page + one line on a second page, without adding wonky text features to make papers look longer.

these are NOT assigned as summaries). You do not need to use formal citation in these. I need someone who will do a good job .