Cool Plc Discussion –

Cool Plc Discussion –

Upload only one MS Word file (.doc or .docx) with your work. No other file formats accepted.

Organize your work with a neat presentation.

I am providing you with one document showing financial information on a hypothetical firm and requirements. The firm operates in a country outside the US that uses a form for financial statements that differs somewhat from the US convention.

For ratios using balance sheet items, use end-of-year balances rather than average balances so you can derive ratios for two years and, thus, can compare these ratios. For instance, for ROE, use the equity balance at the end of the year for the denominator rather than the average equity balance. Thus, for each ratio, you can show two years.

Show your calculations and label them clearly similar to the example below.

Current ratio (20×1): Current assets [number here] = [result here]
Current liabilities [number here]

Current ratio (20×2): Current assets [number here] = [result here]
Current liabilities [number here]

You could first perform calculations in Excel and then copy/paste your work into Word. Alternatively, you could create a Table in Word and type calculation information into the table.


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