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The book is

Bradley’s Barn & Avocado Computers Exercises.This assignment is essentially two short assignments in one, with both having the same purpose.The purpose of these two short exercises is for you to apply some of the knowledge you gained from the chapter about conflict management.To do this, read the scenarios title Bradley’s Barn (p.419) and Avocado Computers (p. 419).The scenarios are different, and your purpose is to assess each situation and make a recommendation on a conflict management strategy that seems appropriate for each exercise.

Assignment Questions.

  • What are the salient situational factors?
  • What is the most appropriate conflict management strategy?

Your job is to simply answer the questions.You will find that Table 7.2 and Table 7.4 are helpful for this assignment.Table 7.2 will help you understand the conflict management strategies and Table 7.4 will help you determine factors that should be taken into consideration when choosing a conflict management strategy.

Formatting Instructions

Format.Format the paper in the following way:

  • Identifying information.Put your name and the assignment title in the top left corner of the paper.Single space this information.
  • Line spacing.The body of the paper should use double spaced lines.
  • Font.You should use Times Roman 12-point font.Use one-inch margins and double-space the lines in the paper.
  • Margins.Use one inch margins.
  • Length. One page or 300 words