compare the approaches of the two films to adapting poe s story quot the tell tale heart quot

The two films are shorts: one is 7mins long the other is 19mins long- (I will provide links to both once the person is selected and to the short story)

This essay of 1,500-2,000 words (about 6-8 double-spaced pages)

What techniques does each film use to convey the tone and style of Poe’s writing? How does each film exhibit the expressive possibilities and limitations of its medium, in comparison to the possibilities and limitations of literature? Where do they differ in their methods of adaptation, and how do these differences suggest diverging interpretations of the story? (Note that I have not asked which adaptation is “better” or “more faithful.” The quality or fidelity of each adaptation is irrelevant to the formal and interpretive questions that I want you to consider here.)

You must include at least 5 direct quotations from the story that are directly relevant to your argument. Quotations should average no more than 2 sentences in length, and they must not add up to more than one page of your essay. Since you will likely be using the online versions of your story linked to above, you do not need to cite page numbers or paragraph numbers. You also do not need to provide a bibliography or works cited page.

When referring to the films, make sure that your reader is able to distinguish between the two. For instance, if you are writing about “The Tell-Tale Heart,” you might refer to “Dassin’s film” or “the 1941 version.” You can refer to the directors cited above as the authors of the film. For instance, “Dassin adapts Poe’s story in an innovative way.”

Do not do any outside research or use any secondary sources. This essay must express your own interpretation, supported by evidence from the texts (story and films).

Essays must include an introduction, including a clear and strong thesis statement, and a conclusion. Your essay should be structured around your thesis statement rather than around the plot of the film. Consider your audience as you are writing: what information will your reader need first, second, third, etc., in order to understand and be persuaded by your argument? You do not need to summarize the plot, though your essay should be comprehensible for a reader who has not read the story or seen the films.