CMN567 University of New Gender Race and Class in Media Midterm Question 1 –

CMN567 University of New Gender Race and Class in Media Midterm Question 1 –

It should be answered in approximately 4 pages. As a take-home exam, you are required to use class notes, readings, films, etc. to answer the questions (please cite everything). While not required to make use of outside sources, you are welcome to if it helps you to better answer the question (be sure to still cite everything).

1. Drawing on our early introductory material from Lind (symbolic annihilation, social construction of reality, intersectionality, discourse) Gauntlett (media power, audience power, media effects, male gaze), Bonilla-Silva (color-blind racism) and/or the introductory chapters of Ijeoma Oluo’s So You Want to Talk about Race, expand on a concept or set of concepts you find particularly insightful or identity with to some extent. Moreover, work through the concept to address and problematize an issue within our contemporary media. Even though you might choose to answer in the first-person, the paper should still engage theoretically and explain the concept or set of concepts by reference to our texts and examples from contemporary media.

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* A few reminders: include page numbers on each page and make sure to include specific page cites for quotations within your text. Lastly, standard 12-point Times Roman font should be used with standard double spacing.


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