Many of the texts we analyzed during the second half of the term provide us with a social commentary on a wide range of issues that include racism, motherhood, poverty/hunger, and aging to name just a few. Select four texts we have covered since the midterm for a close analysis. (CHECK BOTTOM)

First determine the nature of the social commentary each of the works addresses. In other words, what is the social issue each author is addressing. Then identify the specific food(s) or food related imagery used as the basis for the specific points of the commentary. What are the similarities in how each author is trying to influence our thinking and perceptions?What are significant differences that challenge commonly held assumptions?

Finally, determine whether or not each of the commentaries successfully achieves its goal. In other words, did each work allow you to consider the social issue from a different vantage point? What does each contribute to our understanding that allows us to explore the different layers of the text?


Each essay is expected to have a clear three-part structure (introduction, supporting paragraphs, conclusion).

A successful essay consists of:

1) A full complete answer.

2) A comprehensive, well thought out thesis statement – a thesis that ties the works you are discussing together by making an assertion about the main point that will be developed and defended in the supporting paragraphs.

3) Support for the essay’s thesis must be specific examples from four works we covered.

Please work only with the texts and films we have covered in class since the midterm exam (weeks 6 through 10) to develop the essay.

Remember, your audience are those who are familiar with the works (Specifically, the class). There is no need to include summaries of the works. Instead use references to specific passages in the form of paraphrases or direct quotations to support the main points of the analysis and the thesis.

While you do not have to formally cite a source – You do need to indicate from which text/film the examples and references come from.

The 4 texts are:

Babette’s Feast

A Modest Proposal

Like Water for Chocolate

A clean well lighted place