case study of management of large projects

Term Paper Brief

  1. A) Select ONE ONLY of the following projectsâ–ª The Channel Tunnel Rail Link (HS1) (NOT the Channel Tunnel Project)â–ª London Heathrow Terminal Five
    â–ª The 2012 London Olympics
    ▪ The Boston Central/Artery Tunnel (The “Big Dig”) (Boston MA, USA)▪ Thames Tideway Tunnel▪ Crossrail
    â–ª High Speed Two (HS2)
    ▪ Three Gorges Dam (People’s Republic of China)
    â–ª Another large project or programme approved by the Module Leader.
  2. B) Briefly describe the project and demonstrate using available literature: the key challenges of the project/programme and its management noting in particular any aspect which has made the project/programme more difficult by the size/scale/complexity. (30% of marks)
  3. C) Analyse ONE ONLY of the following aspects of the project/programme (40% of marks): 1) Governance
    1. 2) Stakeholder Engagement
    2. 3) Risk Management
    3. 4) Benefits Realisation Management
  4. D) Discuss the findings from your analysis regarding the chosen project/programme and justify your proposals for how the aspects of the project or programme management analysed in C) could have been improved. (20% of marks)