can you help me with this paper 12

Research Design Paper

oRead the Research Design document.

oWatch the Forming a Research Question video provided in the link below:

oCreate a research question within an area of interest that you have.

oDetermine what kind of research design you think would best answer that research question and justify your reasoning.

oReflect on the relationship of a research question and research design in terms of being able to better critique a study.

oPrepare to write a 2-3 page paper following the instructions below:

oCreate an outline.

oTurn the outline into the required paragraphs of the paper.

oUse the OCU Template.

oUse the 5 scholarly references you found in the Annotated Bibliography Exercise.

oUse the Spellcheck tool to correct any misspellings. Watch the Spellchecking video below for how to use that tool in Word.

oUse one of the free plagiarism checking tools you identified last week to correct any unintentional plagiarism

oEnsure the paper addresses the following points.

oDescribe the value of each research design.

oProvide examples for each research design of the most likely circumstances to use that research design.

oPresent your research question and explain the meaning it has for you.

oPresent the research design you would select for answering that research question and why.