this paper have to be 22 pages long, my paper title is Airbnb-South Africa, and I have a sample of a similar paper but different title which is Airbnb-East Africa. I also have the paper guide line below:

Global Strategy and Management Systems

The final project should primarily be a consulting service to a small and medium size firm going abroad for market development. This project must be a thorough strategic analysis and action plan for a business venture expanding into a foreign country market. In the selection of a country market, emerging economies are preferable. The business model can be an existing or imaginary one, but the firm possesses key entrepreneurial attributes such as innovation, proactiveness, and risk-taking for growth.

The presentation should be an in-depth professional presentation over the team project. Professionalism and creativity are expected along with solid content.Length of the presentation should be around 25 minutes and should not exceed 30 minutes in overall time.The content of the paper (22 pages or more, double-spaced) should include following points:

  • Introduction of the firm and Strategic issues
  • Analysis of the market (market risks)
  • Analysis of firm resources and capabilities (product and technology risks)
  • Development of competitive strategy and entry mode
  • International functional strategies
  • Analysis of both formal and informal institutional environments (e.g., economic, political, legal, technological, and cultural environments) that affect subsequent international business strategies in the country market
  • Identification of your target segment and customer needs
  • Identification and analysis of current and potential competitors in the local industry
  • In the local industry analysis, it is highly recommended to apply analytical frameworks such as Porter’s 5 forces model and strategic group analysis for a more systematic analysis of the competitive situation.
  • Distinctive competitive advantages of your firm, product, and technologies
  • Competitive strengths and weaknesses in value-chain modules compared to the direct competitors in the industry
  • You include analytical frameworks in the analysis, such as value-chain analysis and resource-based view of the firm.
  • Global competitive strategy and strategic positioning of your business in the local market
  • Logic regarding the balance between global standardization and local adaptation
  • Choice of entry mode and rationale (e.g., exporting, franchising, licensing, green field operation, joint venture, and nonequity-based strategic alliance).
  • International Organizations (control systems, structure, cultural changes, etc.) to facilitate the suggested international strategy of the firm
  • Human resource development for global strategy
  • Standardization vs. customization on marketing 4 P’s (e.g., pricing, place, promotion, and product strategy)
  • You may also include other functional strategies such as international HR strategy, leadership, global supply chain management, global production, financial strategies.