Camera and Drone Journal Report –

Camera and Drone Journal Report –

Analysis the report and write a journal

A good journal is one that tells me how last year went and what you think needs to be changed (or left the same) to improve your performance for the upcoming year. See the specifics in this example:

What to consider going into Year 9:

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Even though it seemed like we didn’t do much in year 8, we actually did. We spent a bit on paying down our outstanding loans and that is a reason why our EPS and ROE took a hit.

Now, we don’t have to worry about loans or repurchasing stock this year (year 9) so we should see our numbers go back up in terms of stock price and ROE.

Our goal this year is to continue to acquire and maintain a high image rating while providing prices relative to those of our competitors.

We have increased our market share in every region for our multi-featured cameras except in Asia-Pacific where we have been losing market share drastically over the past years.

We need to focus by implementing more discounts for our retailers and increase advertising for exposure, and lower prices for our customers.

Paying attention to the exchange rates, it seems like we will all benefit from the positive revenue impact, especially in Europe which is where we dominate.

A poor journal is one that just tells me what happened last year but doesn’t have your thoughts on what to do to improve your performance for the upcoming year. See how this example is just a look back with NO ideas looking forward:

In year 7 we were a little too overconfident based on the success we had the prior year. Although, we didn’t meet the rating expected by investors, we had excellent ROE of 25%, EPS over $3, and a decent credit rating.

We lost a bunch of the market share that we gained in the previous year and our stock price plummeted.

We continued to invest slightly more in the Latin American and Asian regions.

We definitely need to make some changes going forward.

The journal doesn’t need to be fancy or formal, but it needs GREAT CONTENT reflecting great reflection of prior years and strategic thinking for the upcoming year.

Around 400 words.

the report is attached.


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