bussiness intelligenceand information system

  • Discuss Porter’s Five Forces model with examples drawn from real buinsess environments and companies. [Two Pages Minimimim]
  • Define analytics.
  • What is descriptive analytics? What are the various tools that are employed in descriptive analytics?
  • How is descriptive analytics different from traditional reporting?
  • What is a data warehouse? How can data warehousing technology help to enable analytics?
  • What is predictive analytics? How can organizations employ predictive analytics?
  • What is prescriptive analytics? What kind of problems can be solved by prescriptive analytics?
  • What is Big Data analytics?
  • What are the sources of Big Data?
  • What are the characteristics of Big Data?
  • What processing technique is applied to process Big Data?

[for the below questions, answers 3-5 paragrapha with at least five sentences in each paragraph]

Turnitin the acceptable similarity is 30%. – References (Cited properly, using APA citation style).