Pediatric clinics require nice locality, pleasant environment and also it is very essential to have the premises clean and with all the equipment required for babies especially new borns and mothers. Separate feeding rooms must be provided and also all the vaccines must be available with the doctor. For these arrangements proper planning and budget is required and also the plan must have some goal which differs the clinic from others. For example it can have a free vaccine day or free vaccines for people who cannot afford or free treatment, etc. For this a mission statement is required. Hence mission statement, budget and proper plan are very important for the clinic and they must be prepared with full attention.

Mission statement, budget, or strategic plan are all important for planning a business and starting it. These things gives an overview of what the business is going to do and how it will do it. Mission statement talks about the purpose and objectives of the organization. Budget tells about the expenses it is going to make. So it helps in defining the broad area of activites. Strategic plan helps in communicating the objectives to the organization members and preparing course of action to achieve those objeectives. These documents are necessary to start a business and build a successful business. Therefore, an organization should have all these documents before starting operations.

A new pediatric clinic is opening in your community and has hired you as a consultant to help them get started. They have been debating if they really need a Mission Statement, Budget, or Strategic Plan right away and are wondering what your opinion is on the subjects. What advice would you give them to help ensure that their clinic thrives? Explain reasons for your recommendation. In your follow up post, compare your recommendation to a fellow classmate’s.

Please make your initial post by midweek, and respond to at least one other student’s post by the end of the week. Please check the Course Calendar for specific due dates.