Essay Question:

Your final exam essay will be the following:

Based upon your textbook readings, videos from class, document readings, etc., present your views regarding the emergence of a large-scale civil rights movement from the late 1940s through the 1970s. Why did the movement to expand and protect the civil rights of various groups happen during this 25 – 30 year time period?How successful was the Civil Rights “revolution” in general?Your essay must include information relating to

  • changes on the home front and military during and after World War II
  • reasons for the explosion of civil rights protests after World War II
  • how the African American civil rights movement affected the emerging movements for Chicano/a, Women’s, Native American, and LGBT civil rights.

You must also cite an example from your textbook as well as at least one example from one of the class videos and at least one example from the first 10 chapters of the book, Hidden Figures.Make sure those examples are clear in your essay (i.e., as noted in Foner, p. 142) or (Eyes on the Prize video).

Remember:This is a essay question and requires that you write multiple paragraphs to support your answer.Make a strong argument and use numerous examples from your readings and from the class videos to support that argument. You’ve now had two essay questions and a paper that you have turned in to me for the semester so you should now be familiar with the expectations regarding writing assignments.I will be looking for strong essays with clear arguments and very specific examples to support those arguments.