Assignment 3M.S. Excel 2013 or 2016

Julia’s Juice Bar

Learning Objectives

  • Goal Seek
  • What-if sensitivity analysis
  • Charting

Use my instructional video Lesson 4ABC to complete the following:

A worksheet Lastnamefirstname_A4.xls has been started for you and you need to complete it based on the following assumptions for a company called Julia’s Juice Bar.

  • Julia’s juice bar is trying to trim down their annual maintenance expenses to 10% of the total expenses. Use Goal Seek to calculate the new amount.
  • Julia would like to have a pie chart that would show the summary of annual percentage of expenses. Create a 3D pie chart with the given data.
  • Julia is considering expanding her business and is planning on taking a loan for $425,000.00 and is willing to pay no more than $9000 per month as monthly payment.
  • Further, she wishes to repay the loan in 4 years and is therefore willing to lower her budget if need be. You are to help her come up with the right amount to borrow. What is your recommendation. Indicate this in the space provided in the spreadsheet.

Create a pdf of the entire workbook and upload it in the link provided by the due date posted.

Take the following options to create the pdf version of your file.

Go to backstage view, export, create pdf, options, in publish what section in the dialog box, select entire work book, then select ok and publish.

Good Luck!