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anthropology writing 02 – | Professional Essay Buddy

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Reading: Fausto Sterling_Sexing the Body

No outside resources needed, only need to use this article. Total word count: 200

This assignment is intended to help you 1) better read, understand, and analyze the material2)take notes, and 3) keep up with the course material. This assignment will also help you with the other course assignments. The questions below are designed to help you read and take notes for the assigned articles. Make sure you apply them to each article you read.

Need to answer :

1.What is the main point or central argument of this article? What is the author’s purpose in writing this article?

2.What evidence does the author present to support her main point/central argument?

3.Are you convinced by the author’s argument? Why? Why not? What evidence, if any, is missing?

4.What did you learn from this reading that you didn’t know before?