Analyze a Current Health Care Problem or Issue –

Analyze a Current Health Care Problem or Issue –

 Write a 4-6 page analysis of a current problem or issue in health care, including a proposed solution and possible ethical implications. 

TOPIC: Medication Errors

  Describe the health care problem or issue you selected. Medication errors. Identify possible causes for the problem or issue. Use scholarly information to explain the health care problem or issue. Identify at least three scholarly or academic peer-reviewed journal articles about the topic. You may use articles you found while working on Assessment 2 or you may search an online library for scholarly articles. You may find the applicable Undergraduate Library Research Guide helpful in your search. Assess the credibility of the information sources. Assess the relevance of the information sources. Analyze the problem or issue. Describe the setting or context for the problems or issues. Describe why the problem or issue is important to you. Identify groups of people affected by the problem or issue. Discuss potential solutions for the problem or issue. Compare your opinion with other opinions you find in sources from the Capella Library. Provide the pros and cons for one of the solutions you are proposing. Analyze the ethical implications if the potential solution (the one for which you provide pros and cons) were to be implemented. Discuss the pros and cons of implementing the proposed solution from an ethical principle point of view. Provide examples from the literature to support the points you are making. Describe what would be necessary to implement the proposed solution.

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