an analysis of the uncontrallable environments of nike –

an analysis of the uncontrallable environments of nike –

An analysis of the uncontrollable environments Of Nike

The report must also include footnotes and a bibliography:

â–ª At least two references taken from literary sources and/or academic journals (example: Journal of Marketing) and/or popular sources (example: Business Week, Fortune, etc.) (note: internet citation is not acceptable for this category of reference.)

â–ª Students are encouraged to further their search using the Internet; work must be cited.


Written Project (10 marks)

  • Group mark unless the Peer Evaluation forces an adjustment
  • You will be judged on the following criteria
  • Content: Accurate description of the marketing environment variables and elaboration of the marketing mix
  • Structure and organization of paper
  • Clarity and conciseness of writing
  • Use of appropriate marketing terminology
  • Creativity and professionalism of the paper
  • Literacy component (see course outline)