For Anthony Burgess’s Introduction to the novel, write an entry which summarizes


his thoughts, a.

b. c. d. e.

using the following guiding questions and exact quotes. Why did Burgess insist on the revised 1986 edition?
What does A Clockwork Orange really mean to Burgess? What themes/ideas motivated the writing of the novel? What is the moral lesson of the novel according to Burgess? What are Burgess’s thoughts on language?

  1. 2) For the journal entries of the individual chapters, follow the instructions below:
    a. Write your interpretation of the events of the chapter, interpreting the dictionthrough your visualization of the events.
    b. Provide an explanation of the way that the events in the chapter move thestory forward.
    c. Explain the ways in which the themes of “free will” and “moral choice” arereflected in the events of the chapter.
  2. 3) At the end of each Part (the novel is divided into 3 parts of 7 chapters each), reflect on the way Burgess has used language in relation to his comment that people “are scared, rightly so, of language.”

Can use bullet point and sparknotes