Please respond, in 1 paragraph, to the following post from my political class:

One thing I would like to see happen is increased implementation of the 4×10 work schedule. For this schedule, employees would get an extra day off every week in exchange for working 2 extra hours for the other 4 days. This schedule allows for the same pay while giving the employees an extra day to wind down, relax, catch up on housework, etc. The extra day goes a long way while the extra 2 hours a day are not very noticeable (or the extra day off is more enjoyable than getting out 2 hours earlier). I think this could allow employees to remain more fresh, less prone to the slacking that can occur at the end of the work week. In addition to that, this extra day every week could be used to fill appointments and such when needed, decreasing the amount of PTO needed to be taken. One con that I can foresee is the possible dwindling productivity from the longer work day, but I also think that the day off might counter that. This is something that is not used very widely, so implementing it on a wider range would be a good idea.

The next thing I would like to see happen to the work world is an increased focus on apprenticeship rather than complete focus on college education. I am definitely not saying that college isn’t important, but I do think it is over-encouraged in modern society. Through high school, everyone was seemingly pushed to go to college (everyone took the PSAT, everyone met with the counselor to discuss college plans, etc. Many people are much better off not going to college. An apprenticeship offers pay from the beginning WHILE getting trained and learning how to complete the job (and if the individual would like to go to college later, many apprenticeships offer college credit). I think this is especially important in the current environment, seeing that younger people are often struggling to find adequate work and the trades are hurting for employees. One downside I see to this is that it can be looked at as taking advantage of the students. While they are getting paid from the beginning, the wages are pretty low. BUT, the wages are low because they are being given an education and are not fully prepared to perform the job. So, I think that the lower wages during apprenticeship is worth the probability, as it generally results in massive skill increase and a full-time, fairly well paying job. Please let me know if there is a consideration that I missed(for either change).