2000 word essay. To complete this assignment you need read the two papers specified then apply the concepts we have covered in the course to answer the questions below.

Reading the papers referred to in the two articles will help you to understand their arguments and improve your answer to the question.

There are a range of theories that seek to explain the capital structure choices of corporations, these theories are summarised in the paper by Myers. Explain how the empirical findings of DeAngelo and Roll prove or disprove the theories of capital structure choice presented in Myers.

So this is the question. The files are these two article. Please read these two article very carefully. You must use these two articles to analysis. You can also use other references in this essay. APA style.

Assessment Criteria: 1 presentation, communication& style (written) 2 Use of literature/knowledge of theory 3 Analysis

4 Critical reasoning/ critical thinking. High quality please.