​Finding information to track and forecast demand and rent – professionalessaybuddy.com

​Finding information to track and forecast demand and rent – professionalessaybuddy.com

Finding information to track and forecast demand and rent

In this unit, you learned that there are certain quantitative market indicators that can assist real estate decision makers in understanding the current status of the space market, which is relevant when projecting demand and rent for investment properties. These indicators include current rental rates, vacancy rates, construction, and absorption.

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Real estate investors can obtain some of this information using either online or printed sources that are publicly available, such as the World Property Journal(https://www.worldpropertyjournal.com/commercial/). Of course, space markets are geographically specific and local in nature, and highly specific information may be more difficult to obtain without paying for it.

Conduct your own research to identify sources that real estate investors can use to find such information, as well as information relating to the commercial real estate industry in general.

Share and discuss the sources you find with your fellow participants in the small group discussion forum, reflecting on the accuracy and reliability of these sources.



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